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Expressing feelings for different seasons.

  • For winter, I wanted to create the feeling of “peaceful, calm, tranquility, mysterious, inner-warmth”, and I used tissue paper with water color to create the feeling. With blue and purple. There is a back of a person barely showing in the middle.

  • For Spring, green, brown, yellow are the color I think represent it the most. The lines and patterns create the jumpy feeling for spring and like how it represents joy.

  • For Summer, the feeling of ocean, heat, and waves, the splash and the straight strike. The summer vibe is always pumping and heating up.

  • For Fall, it is when things begin the fall apart, or things begin to have an end. So a more deeper tone of color is best suited for it.

After I painted them all in watercolor, then I scanned the pieces and use Adobe Illustrator to make the types of it, the types are combined with the watercolor, and also shows the feelings of the season

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