Brooch & Arm Ornament

Making meaning in jewelry making.


The brooch is a representation of me;

I like spontaneous traveling, and is open minded and like to explore different cultures, just like sea shell which floats to where ever ocean wave takes it to. The etching on the metal is an arrow-compass that has "faith" written on it, because I think faith is important in myself.

Consists of three layers:

1. Sterling silver: sawing, drilling, sanding, sandblasting

2. Copper: sawing, sanding, etching, liver sulfur patina

3. Copper: sawing, sanding, etching, liver sulfur patina

Pin: Copper tubing & Steel wire

Six Rivets: Copper and Sterling silver


The arm ornament was inspired by a model made by an architecture student. The repetition of shapes, and the combination of soft and hard lines. The metal work is an exploration of human natural body form and its relationship with the artificial metal ornament. Skills used in this project are: soldering, sawing, sanding, polishing. Material: Sterling silver.