A water bottle brand that supports sustainability and well-being in water consumption.


Dropi (drop-ee) is a project created in the Brand Design class at the LdM Institute.

Dropi is a water bottle brand that also supports the cause of water conservation.

The brand name and the logo illustrate the core concept of the brand:

sustainability, life, hope, and strength. 


The app is designed to record the amount of water consumed, ensuring the bottle owner has consumed enough water. As new water is poured into the bottle, the sensor in the bottle will be activated; and on the app, a drop will dripped down from the top of the screen, into the body of water.

The entire screen represents the total water consumption requirement according to the owner's physical standard.

The number at the bottom right shows the percentage of water consumed.

Once it reaches 80%, an encouraging note will appear too.


Dropi is the Icelandic word for water droplet. It signifies...


Water is composed of droplets, and it cycles through the atmosphere and living things.


A droplet can reflect all seven spectrums of light when exposed under the sunlight.


Water and life is interconnected, physically and emotionally;

when droplet of tears symbolizes happiness or sadness. 


A droplet is tiny,

but its power is endless

when it comes together.

The Icelandic origin of the brand name was chosen to create a sense of scarcity and importance, as water is just as valuable as the other scarcity resources on Iceland. 


The logo is intended to be simple, sleek, with a sense of dynamic in the tiny droplet.

Almost completed droplet outline shows that water is not a source that will continue forever, that it is easy to leak out so should be conserved.

Water wave shows the dynamic life energy of water that is hidden inside a seemingly small droplet.

Circular arc base inside the droplet acts as an inner core strength for the water, as it is supporting the droplet's body as a whole.

The small-caps letters with a droplet might seems small, but they appear to be stable and strong, establishing a brand image of small but all the great possibilities. 

“start small, dream big” is the core brand statement of dropi. It wants to remind its costumers that everything is possible; it is not too late to start, even if it is just a droplet. Because big dream like water all started with a droplet.


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