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"Season, Camera, Self" April '17

Medium: Watercolor, Ink, Salt

Living in Champaign-Urbana for a year now, one of the most favorite thing I love about the campus is how its sceneries changed throughout the year with different seasons; from fall, winter, then to spring. I wanted to document my relationship with the nature surroundings, by drawing the photos I took in different seasons, as a way to not only represents my passion for photography, but also shows how I view the world around me. The style of drawing is a combination of observational and expressionism, as I tried to draw from my perspectives and also show the feelings/atmosphere of the season using colors.

Fall: The bottom two drawings represent the experiences/interaction of my left leg and right leg have with the fall season...

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Artist's Book   March '17

Artist's Book of expressionistic drawings completed in Drawing II. Each day was given three prompts, draw accordingly to the prompts given, in expressionistic style. Binding technique is cross-stitched binding.

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"Home"   Dec '16

Medium: Charcoal, pastel

A nostalgic feeling of home at Zuoying (Kaohsiung), Taiwan. Biking and eating street food is the best memory of home, makes me feel secure and loved. People, food, atmosphere.

"Zuoying"   Dec '16

Medium: Watercolor

Dimensions for each small drawing: 7.6 x 8.5 inches

I like to bike around my home Zuoying in Taiwan, exploring the food or surprises I might find in the alleys. Each shot/drawing is a corner of Zuoying that I think altogether they represent the atmosphere of Zuoying. I've included elements in the drawings to contribute the feeling I have that shape the atmosphere of Zuoying: warmth, people, secure, home, traditional. Also, each drawing has hint to my bike, which suggests the relationship between my surroundings, biking as a hobby, and myself.​

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"Passion"   Dec '15

Medium: Acrylic, rice paper

Dimensions: 13.6 x 9.8 inches


This is suppose to be a “self portrait”, but I decided to show only one of my eye, because eye is the most prominent part and I think it expresses myself most distinctly. I chose orange as the background because it gives an energetic and positive feeling. The piece is composed of an orange background, balance created by a downward paper pieces at the bottom-left, from blue down to dark purple, and at the upper-right corner the texture corresponding to the bottom-left composition. The texture and color create a balance to the piece that brings the eye of the audience to the eye at the middle. There is a white dot in the eye, which sparks the light of the eye and is the central focus for the piece, which emphasizes the “eyes” that symbolizes me as a whole.

"staRRy"   Dec '15

Medium: Cardboard, acrylic paint, charcoal, color pencil, rice paper

Dimensions: 19.6 x 14.6 inches


Use of color, shape and composition to create the atmosphere for night sky. I really like to observe sky, I am always amazed by how the natural hand could create such a good composition of artwork. But living in Kaohsiung can’t always see the starry night nor the purple color changes. I wanted to create a piece that shows the beauty of night sky.

  • First painted the color of the night sky, the gradient purple, blue, pink, white, indigo.

  • Then cut out the pieces into shape that is the same as the black cardboard. The shape is chosen to be polygons, because the universe is always changing and you can’t predict what it will brings you next. The shape tend to be tilted to the left side, just to create a focal point. To make the pieces the same shape as the black cardboard, but with sizes descending, to create contrast.

  • White lines and the white drops of acrylic to create the intersecting lines and the unpredicted yet always beautiful thing of sky.

Other drawings/sketches
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