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Interactive Poster for the Design School LdM

An interactive campaign to promote the design school of Lorenzo de Medici (LdM) at Florence, Italy. The poster is composed of simple equation: ____ + ____ = design. It is being displayed in the Annual LdM Art and Design Exhibition, in San Lorenzo Square. The poster is set up with several stacks of sticky notes, and a pen; people walking by can jot down their answers to the equation on the poster. The goal of the poster is to explore the diversity of design, how it could exists in many different forms, and in our daily lives.

Posters set up (San Lorenzo Square at Florence, Italy)


Interactive Poster


Observations and Thoughts

There is no right or wrong answers.

The first few sticky notes were written by me and my colleagues: Creativity, Arts, Espresso, Gelato. Then the answers started getting more creative: Sunset, Pesto, Eyes, Buongiorno (Good morning). I popped in from time to time to observe people walked pass, paused, took a moment to look at it, and picked up the pen and wrote down their answer, with a smile on their face. I was surprised by the variety of people who stopped, from office workers, teenagers, backpackers, tourists, couples, and even small kids.


It was especially interesting to observe the small girl, she kept coming back three times and wrote down "Love", "Play", and "Music"; then I realized that the direction of people's answers have been going far from my original intention. It has become a semi-personal place for people to post whatever values or things that are important to them. Perhaps they weren't even paying attention to the design equation. However, it also means that design can be as openly interpreted as possible, it can mean anything small from a cup of coffee, to big and abstract like love.

In fact, some of the answers like Bravery and Community, are very essential factors to designs. It requires bravery to make a revolutionary design solution, and it requires a community to hear different opinions and perspectives on a design solution.













Interactions Pictures

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