TechQuest 4H Project

Applying dynamic motions to logo.


TechQuest is a project conducted in the ARTD270 Design Method Class, with group members: Charlotte, Alexis, Jessica, Kayley, and Leah. It is a project introduced by 4-H Youth Program. The project targets youths from Middle Schools, in which the students will form teams and compete with each other, on the topic given, for example, Poverty, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. 


Keywords: mechanical, geometric, modern

Hexagon shape comes from the original 4H logo. The colors are taken from

the original color palette as well.

For further details on the usage of the logo, please see Brand Manual.


My major role in the group is to generate the motion graphic for the logo, which can be use in a more dynamic medium, for example, at the beginning of a promotion video, in an advertisement, or anything time arts. The animation gave a feeling of the logo in motion, the keywords in designing the motion graphics are: geometric, sleek, technical, bold, straightforward.

Motion Graphics


Black and White Version